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Westwood Health Impact Assessment


City and County of Denver


Health Impact Assessment


Denver, CO


Land Use Planning

Project Status 


The Project 

The Westwood neighborhood is one of Denver’s most vibrant and diverse
neighborhood, and also one of the most historically underinvested.  In 2015 Westwood 
undertook its first Neighborhood Plan in over 30 years, along with a Health Impact Assessment to understand how historic conditions had shaped residents’ health.  The Health Impact Assessment offered the opportunity to integrate health into community planning and design to shape the way Westwood residents live, learn, work, and play – and in turn improve their health.

Our Role 

While at the City of Denver, Gretchen led and managed the Westwood Health Impact Assessment, including extensive community engagement and data analysis to recommend evidence-based strategies to improve health in the areas of multi-modal transportation, parks and recreation, community safety and access to essential resources.

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