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SPARCC Initiative


City and County of Denver


Policy Development


Denver, CO


Affordable Housing 

Project Status 


The Project 

The Strong, Prosperous And Resilient Communities Challenge – SPARCC – is a 3-year, $90 million initiative to invest in six regions (including Denver) to ensure that new investments reduce racial disparities, build a culture of health, and prepare for a changing climate. The initiative’s long-term goal is to change the way metropolitan regions grow, invest, and build through integrated, cross-sector approaches that benefit low-income people and communities of color.

Our Role 

Gretchen represented the City of Denver on a multidisciplinary team that partnered with 5 other regions  to bring together community residents and the public and private sectors to ensure that their communities are places where everyone thrives. The buildout of Denver’s multi-billion dollar transit system was the ‘spark’ to align local investment  with concrete strategies for equitable development .

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