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Equity Assessments

We provide analysis to help clients ensure that equity is considered in a project, plan or policy, including land use codes, comprehensive and vision plans, transportation plans, housing plans, small area plans, master plans, and climate plans. We identify populations that may be disparately impacted, assess existing or proposed policies, and recommend evidence-based strategies to mitigate past harms and achieve the client’s health, social, environmental and racial equity goals.

Health Action Plans

We conduct Health Action Plans to help affordable housing projects attain Enterprise Green Communities certification, the only national green-building certification program designed exclusively for affordable housing communities to achieve health-promoting, energy efficient and climate resilient design.  Gretchen is certified as a national Enterprise Green Communities technical assistance provider.

Health Impact Assessments

We conduct Health Impact Assessments for plans, policies or projects in order to consider the potential health impacts of a proposal on a community, research local conditions, engage stakeholders and recommend evidence-based strategies to minimize burdens and maximize benefits for vulnerable populations in a community.

Action Plans

We develop action plans in sectors such as affordable housing and transportation that help clients create achievable plans to advance their organizational goals including health, social, environmental and racial equity.

Land Use Planning

We participate on land use planning teams as health and equity specialists to consider the impacts of proposed plans on a community’s most vulnerable populations, and recommend evidence-based strategies to mitigate harms and maximize benefits in the built environment.

Policy Development

We analyze existing or proposed policies through the lens of health and equity to help organizations better understand the range of policy impacts of a proposal and craft policies to achieve equitable outcomes in community development.

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